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If you don't see an injury similar to yours listed below, do not hesitate to call. This is just a partial list indicating the significant amounts of financial recovery we have made on behalf of our clients. Of course, past results are no indication of a future settlement.

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Catastrophic Injury Claims

  • Jim Long represented a man who had all of his toes amputated, had many surgeries and eventually had to have many treatments from the pain doctor. Jim Long determined that prior to his injury our client had been working two similar jobs at the same time and based on that was able to have our client’s weekly benefits increased to the maximum amount. He settled the case for $267,000 together with an MSA with an expected payout of $504,000.
  • Our client was a police officer who was shot and paralyzed from the waist down. The primary issue involved housing. After numerous hearings on that issue, Tom Holder settled this catastrophic case for $650,000.
  • Our client became a paraplegic as a result of a catastrophic construction accident. Jim Long managed his case for six years and negotiated a settlement for $500,000 together with a medical annuity of approximately $250,000.
  • Our client was hit by 7,200 volts of electricity. He worked for a year and then had a heart attack, which was deemed related to the electrical shock. The first thing Tom Holder did was get his weekly benefit rate increased as the insurer used the wrong earnings amount. We also got psychological benefits for the client. The insurer then tried to fight the defibrillator replacement even though they paid for the first one. This was litigated and Tom Holder successfully got the medical treatment, plus the employer/insurer to pay for our attorney's fees. Additionally, Tom Holder was able to get our client's wife designated as his attendant care provider. As a result, the insurer had to make a $130,000 lump-sum payment. His wife received $357 per week in addition to our client's weekly benefits for six years. This catastrophic case eventually settled for $400,000 plus a $250,000 Medicare Set Aside Fund to help pay for future medical costs.
  • Tom Holder represented a truck driver who severely injured his left hip, kneecap and foot when involved in a head on collision that was caused by another driver. Tom Holder was able to settle this case for $200,000. In addition, Mr. Holder worked with the lawyer representing the client in the personal injury case and was able to both help maximize that recovery and work to reduce the amount of money that the Workers' Compensation insurance carrier was able to recover for subrogation.
  • Tom Holder helped his client who had his hand cut off. The client had to have his hand and half his forearm amputated so that the robotic hand could fit over his forearm. Tom Holder helped his client settle his case for $220,000 plus an annuity that will provide for new artificial hands every five years for the rest of his life.
  • Jim Long represented a man who severely injured his shoulder. He had other injuries that the employer would not agree to pay for. The case was eventually settled for $200,000 together with an MSA in excess of $175,000.
  • Tom Holder represented a man who ruptured his left biceps and injured his left shoulder while lifting a large toolbox with his co-employees. After many years of medical care, Tom Holder settled this case for $175,000.
  • Jim Long represented a man who injured his eye and his neck when his overloaded delivery truck turned over. Jim Long settled the case for $160,000.
  • Our client sustained serious injuries to his elbows. Jim Long had to go to several hearings over a period of years in order to successfully have the insurer pay for treatment for our client's left and right shoulders, a morphine pump, health care services rendered by his wife, lawn care expenses, and to have the claim designated as catastrophic.
  • Our client injured her foot while working. The employer argued that she was not injured on the job and that this was related to an injury that was sustained while on vacation. An additional issue was whether or not her husband could be designated as her attendant care provider. After two years of litigation, Tom Holder was successful on both issues. The insurer then stalled on the payment of attendant care benefits to our client's husband and Tom Holder had to get assessed fees five times to get him the money to which our client was entitled. That case eventually settled for $260,000.

Spinal Cord, Back and Neck Injury Cases

  • When his delivery truck crashed, our client suffered multiple injuries including a neck injury that required a cervical diskectomy, and fusion and a shoulder injury that required, among other things, a rotator cuff repair and clavicle resection. Jim Long settled his case for $500,000.
  • Tom Holder represented a man who severely injured his back at work. The case was made catastrophic. Even though the insurer pushed hard to get the case settled, Tom and his client waited until after the client had two spinal surgeries and his back condition stabilized. Tom and his client settled the case after over six years for $275,000 plus an MSA, which will provide medical benefits in the future.
  • Jim Long represented a man whose cervical and lumbar injuries both required surgery and both of which resulted in long-term pain. Jim Long succeeded in having the claim made catastrophic and he settled the claim for $300,000.
  • Our client developed a condition over a period of time that left him unable to use his arms. The insurer maintained that this was not related to his work. Jim Long settled the case for $300,000.
  • Our client had both a neck and back injury. The insurer accepted the back injury but not the neck injury. Tom Holder went to court and had the insurer pay for the neck surgery. The claim was settled for $245,000.
  • Jim Long established that our client's neck and back injuries happened on the job and that he was disabled from it. Through Jim's efforts, weekly temporary total disability benefits were paid, excellent treatment was given by a respected neurologist, and the case was settled for $230,000.
  • Tom Holder represented a man who became a paraplegic after severing his spinal cord at T6. The previous attorney wanted to rush to settlement. However, Tom waited and the client received $200,000 to build a wheelchair-accessible home. A couple of years later, Tom's client was compensated $230,000 for his spinal cord injury plus a significant amount of money was paid for a Medicare Set Aside Trust to help pay for future medical care.
  • Jim Long represented a welder who suffered back and neck injuries. The case settled for $210,000.
  • Jim Long represented a long haul trucker who had two back surgeries. Jim Long settled his case for $185,000.
  • Tom Holder represented a man who fell off a ladder while pulling items off a shelf. After back surgery, the claimant had back surgery and eventually settled his case for $180,000.
  • Jim Long represented a gentleman who had worked for his employer for 33 years. He sustained an injury to his back and was diagnosed with lumbar radiculitis and neuritis stemming from a herniated disk at L5-S1 that abutted the S1 nerve root. He had a series of lumbar epidural injections but they only gave him temporary relief. Jim Long settled his case for $175,000 together with the payment to a Medicare Set Aside.
  • Jim Long represented a long-time factory worker who had chronic back problems. Jim Long settled his case for $175,000.
  • Our client had a back injury. He came to us after his weekly benefits had been suspended because his authorized treating doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, said our client's back injury did not stop him from returning to work without restrictions and that our client was exaggerating his symptoms. Another orthopedic surgeon said that normally our client's lumbar annular tears would require surgery but that the findings in this case did not justify it. He did suggest a lumbar CT scan be done. Our client went to a third doctor, a neurosurgeon, who ordered the lumbar CT scan. Jim Long obtained an opinion from the neurosurgeon that our client could not work and submitted the test results to the second doctor who changed his opinion about the back surgery and gave an opinion severely limiting our client's work ability. Jim Long also investigated and found that the judge who would hear the case had in another case ruled that the treating doctor's opinion was not worthy of belief. Jim Long presented all of this to the insurer and settled the case for $150,000.
  • Tom Holder represented a man who was injured lifting 50-pound barrels when his hands slipped and he fell. This caused extreme pain in our client's lower back and extremities. The injured worker had two surgeries. Tom Holder got the case declared catastrophic. The case settled after seven and half years for $275,000 plus a $217,920 MSA, which will provide money for the client's future medical needs
  • Tom Holder's client had numerous upper extremity problems because of years of wear and tear. She had nine surgeries. Tom Holder helped coordinate all of the medical care. After eight years of representation, the case settled for $150,000.

Construction Accidents

  • Tom Holder represented a man who had significant injuries sustained while he was carrying heavy carpeting. The client came to Tom Holder because he felt that his attorney was trying to pressure him into settling his case for $25,000. Tom Holder took over the case and continued representing the client for another year and a half until the client was totally released by the doctor. Tom Holder then settled the case for $215,000.
  • Tom Holder had a client who was injured twice in the same day on a construction site. The client first slipped and fell, landing on his right shoulder. The same day he went to his truck to pick up materials and fell backward off the truck, landing on his head and back. The materials fell on top of him. Tom Holder helped his client receive treatment for the numerous injuries he sustained and then settled his case for $ 140,000.

Death Claims

  • Tom Holder represented five children and the widow of a man who died in an electrical accident. Besides making sure that the dependents got all the benefits to which they were entitled, Tom had to make sure that the children (from three different mothers) and the widow were all treated fairly so that the case could be resolved. Tom developed a fair way of dividing the $260,000 settlement so that all of his clients were satisfied.
  • Tom Holder represented the widow and two-year-old child of a man from Mexico who was killed when a wall collapsed on him while he was working. The widow and child were not receiving their dependency benefits because the insurance company kept sending the checks in the name of the dead man to his address. The family was not receiving the money it needed to survive. Tom Holder got the situation resolved, including getting the insurance company to pay a 15 percent penalty for late payment of benefits. Once the situation was stabilized, the case was settled for $180,000, which will be of tremendous assistance to both the widow and child.
  • Tom Holder represented the widow and dependent stepchild of a man who died on the job. The worker was holding a big punch that was attached to a crane. The punch was used to dig holes in the ground in which utility pipes are placed. Unfortunately, the crane, which was operated by his supervisor, was placed directly under electrical wires. The cable of the crane touched the electrical wires. The electricity ran down the arm of the crane into the punch that our client was holding, killing him. There were two issues. The first arose because the deceased failed his drug test. However, a toxicologist testified that the amount of drugs found in his system was consistent with his having smoked marijuana 36 hours prior to the accident. Additionally, the doctor said that this would not have affected his ability to work properly. Also, his supervisor, who had worked with the deceased for 15 years, testified that our client was working properly on the date of his death and did not do anything to cause the accident. The second issue was whether or not the widow's daughter from a prior marriage was a dependent stepchild. After testimony, it was agreed that she was. The case settled for $175,000, with $135,000 going to the widow and $40,000 going to the stepchild. We are glad that we could help this family in its time of need.
  • Our client's husband was found deceased in his truck at his job site. It was determined that he had suffered a fatal heart attack. The insurer was unwilling to agree that his work involving long hours had caused the heart attack and his death. Heart attack cases are very difficult to prove. Jim Long located a cardiologist who stated that it was reasonable to assume that the long hours had caused the heart attack. Jim Long settled the case for $170,000.

Repetitive Stress and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

  • Jim Long represented a man with a 20-year history of RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), now better known as CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), which has significantly reduced his ability to get around. The cost of future medical was so high, including home health care, that it was agreed that the case would be settled for future weekly benefits only. The case was settled for $195,000.
  • Our client suffered bilateral repetitive stress injuries and neck and back injuries as well. Jim Long went to court to have the amount of weekly benefits increased and to be sure that all of her injuries were covered by workers' comp. Jim Long settled the case for $160,000.
  • Our client was over 65 years old when we sought to make her case catastrophic. The insurance company maintained that because she was receiving old-age Social Security benefits she could not have a catastrophic case. Jim Long successfully argued all the way to the Georgia Court of Appeals that indeed she did have a catastrophic case.
  • Our client was employed for several years cleaning in a large convention facility. The repetitive motion of cleaning and walking caused her to develop carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and tarsal tunnel syndrome in both feet. Jim Long succeeded in convincing the insurer to accept the claim for all four extremities. When our client was not able to return to work and the insurer refused to accept the case as catastrophic, Jim Long took the issue to a hearing and, before the judge could rule, the insurer decided to accept the case as catastrophic.

Psychological Trauma and Medical Conditions

  • Our client was sexually assaulted in the course of her employment. She was devastated and barely able to function. The extensive psychological treatment she received during the course of her claim allowed her to go to school to get a degree in nursing. Jim Long settled her case for $225,000. She is now functioning well as a nurse professional.
  • Jim Long represented a man who was buried up to his neck in dirt as a result of a construction accident. He was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and was not able to return to work. Jim Long settled his case for $175,000 together with a Medicare Set Aside.
  • Jim Long represented a man suffering from a rare condition known as hyperacusis that causes great suffering from exposure to normal sounds. Jim Long convinced the insurer to settle this case for $200,000.

Brain and Head Injuries

  • Jim Long represented a man who sustained what appeared to be a mild head injury from which he never recovered. His case was settled for $475,000 of which $293,000 was for income benefits and $182,000 was for the MSA.
  • Tom Holder represented a man for 13 years who sustained a closed head injury. After making sure he received all the benefits to which he was entitled and working to have a conservator appointed, Tom settled the case for $1 million plus an MSA of $372,000 to provide for his future medical needs.
  • Tom Holder represented a man whose head was partially crushed between a truck and the side of a warehouse loading dock. The client was directing the truck and the driver kept backing it up after he was told to stop. After many years, Tom Holder was able to initially settle the case for $210,000 plus the MSA to cover future medical costs. When it was later determined that less money was needed to be put away for future medical costs, Mr. Holder was able to obtain the difference for his client, thus increasing the settlement to $297,000.
  • Tom Holder was hired in 2014 by a man who lived in Oklahoma who was injured while working for a Georgia company. He had a head injury and injured his right shoulder. He was returned to work without restrictions by the doctor for the head injury and returned to light duty work because of his right shoulder injury. Tom fought the insurer on both issues and was able to settle the case in 2018 for $175,000 plus a Medical Set Aside Trust of $105,453.
  • Our client suffered a serious brain injury that the doctors believed would disable him for the rest of his life. With determination and good fortune he is now back to work. Jim Long settled his case for $150,000.
  • Our client suffered an injury to his head, which the insurance company thought was minor. He had to move back home out of state. Jim Long found a helpful and sympathetic psychologist in the client's hometown and traveled several times to take depositions. Jim Long went to court to have the client's benefits restarted and several years later went to court again in order to keep them from being stopped. Jim Long had the claim designated as catastrophic and settled the case for $100,000 after the client received benefits for 10 years.

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