Client Testimonials

Excellent law firm
I Hired this law firm to handle my case and they've done an exceptional job they were attentive and made the process a lot easier. Mr Long is an excellent lawyer and his paralegal Ms. Stewart is the best, If ever I need them again i will not hesitate to call.


Awesome Team!
I was very pleased with Attorney Jim Long and his staff. They are the best!


James Long and Alvina Stewart are great to work with. They kept us informed every step of the way in my husband's workers' compensation case. We were never left in the blind on anything and they stayed on top of everything with opposing counsel would recommend them to anyone.

- Carlos B.

I am a teacher. When I was denied workers compensation by one of the metro Atlanta school systems after a fall at work, I decided to look into getting legal representation. My husband contacted 2 attorneys, who were highly recommended to us. Both attorneys were extremely knowledgeable. We decided to use Tom Holder, as we felt that he explained what our options were. Also, unlike the other attorney, he did not put any pressure on us to make a quick decision. Once we decided to proceed with litigation, Mr. Holder was able to get workers compensation coverage including reimbursement of medical expenses, loss wages, as well as compensation for lost wages. At the same time I was able to go back to teaching. Mr. Holder was helpful, professional, and efficient. The outcome could not have been better.

- Janet G.

After becoming permanently disabled by an accident in January 2010 my life was put on hold between having to deal with hospitals, doctors, and workman com in various situations. After being recommended to Mr. Long by a mutual friend dealing with these matters has become more simplified. I have found Mr. Long to be very knowledgeable in all situations regarding workman comp laws. Mr. Long is always available to answer any questions that I may have seven days a week if necessary. He keeps the client informed in all matters at all times. His tough and skillful negotiating ability results in prompt decisions for the client. His over all satisfaction has been excellent in all areas regarding my case. I strongly would recommend Mr. Long to anyone.

— Chet

Mr. Holder took my case when many lawyers wouldn't. He never gave up on me or my case and I felt like I could always contact his office if I needed anything or had any questions (which was very important to me). Not only did he get all my medical bills paid, I received a settlement. Other lawyers said it would be impossible for anything to come of my case. He and his staff (Deneese especially) are amazing, caring people. They would email or call me just to check on me. When you think of lawyers, you don't really think of a personal experience, but with Mr. Holder and his team, it's very personal.

Mr. Long became my salvation after being left despondent by my profession, the Worker's Comp. system, and another unscrupulous, self-serving lawyer. I'd been injured on the job twice. I tried working in a diminished capacity in pain dealing with adjusters and praying that I would get well. My doctor finally told me I would never get well and that I simply needed to learn to live with the pain. I finally went out on disability and hired an attorney telling him how difficult the adjusters were being, how distressed I was, and that the extent of my injuries and surgical procedure were yet unknown so a settlement would not be in the plans for quite some time. He tried to get me to immediately settle for a pittance that would not even cover six months of medication. I fired him and was fortunate enough to be referred to Mr. Long. What a difference! Not only did he take my case, but has worked tirelessly with me for the past six years. His skills, compassion, patience, and commitment to serving me to the best of his ability gave me back the hope I'd lost. He's always kept my health and interests at the forefront. He took up for me all communications with Worker's Comp. which relieved many of my frustrations and got my care attended to in a much more timely fashion. He's been a God-sent to me! I don't know what I would have done without him! After numerous procedures, tests, and countless prescriptions, I am getting close to MMI (maximum medical improvement) and head toward a settlement. I know I will continue to have the best possible representation available with Mr. Long as my attorney. I am pleased and very comfortable that I am represented by the best. I believe that anyone who has the good fortune to be represented by Mr. Long with his service and the ultimate resolution he can obtain for him. My only regret is that I did not go to Mr. Long first because he is definitely the BEST!

— Marcia

If you are reading reviews in regard to Tom Holder please know your search for an attorney is over. Tom Holder is by far the best in his profession. With workers compensation it is designed that if you do not have an attorney you lose. Tom Holder is dedicated to your case. Not only does he actually answer the phone, return voice mails, and emails he does so after hours. When you are on workers comp these things are very important and you need someone that is responsive to your needs. He is experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate! He explains everything to help you make the best choice that's right for you and your family. Please do not think twice about contacting Tom Holder, you will not be disappointed.

I highly recommend Jim Long to anyone looking for a workmen's comp attorney. My calls are always returned promptly and my questions always answered. He has kept my workmen's comp checks coming and is working hard to get me a good settlement. Being a police officer I have dealt with many lawyers and Jim Long rises to the top of the list when it comes to integrity and getting things done.

— Bernadette M.

Tom Holder has done more for my case in 2 months than my previous lawyer had in 10 months. Stand up guy.

— Charles W.

Hi everyone! My name is Brenda F. and this is my true story. I hurt my back on the job many years ago and needed a lawyer to represent me. I met Jim Long through a friend and hired him. He was known as the Workers' Compensation lawyer who fought to win and did win. In 2007, after a long battle with the insurance company, Jim settled my case. I walked away with a lot of money. When you need a lawyer who will fight to get you the money you deserve and keep a smile on his face as he does - hire Mr. Jim Long.

— Brenda F.

I would absolutely recommend Tom Holder if you are looking for a Worker's Comp Lawyer in Atlanta. He was amazing throughout the entire process. He was not only concerned with the outcome of the case but also my well-being throughout my recovery.

— Peggy

Mr. Long has worked tirelessly for me on my Workers' Compensation case over the past five years. Mr. Long took over all the hassles & worries I'd been subjected to over the previous six years prior to my going out on total disability. He has insured that all of my medications and procedures are approved in a timely fashion so as to avoid interruption in optimal care; whereas there was frustration, arguments and delays when I tried to do this myself prior to hiring him. Although I will always have pain and depression, Mr. Long, with his professional knowledge and deep sense of compassion, has helped to improve my quality of life immensely.

— Marcia S.

I'm currently being represented by Mr. Holder, he along with, his assistant, Ms. Taylor have been a great team to be represented by... After 1st being represented by a larger firm (Morgan & Morgan) & not having a lot of my issues attended to & barely being able to communicate with my representation, I switched to Mr. Holder & immediately began to get all of my issues resolved.

Mr. Holder & or his assistant responds promptly & always get things done. He is a man of integrity & always keeps his word. I would definitely recommend Mr. Holder any day to my closest friends & family.

My case is still ongoing, but Mr. Holder has made me a believer that bigger is not always better.

Unfortunately I had an accident at work and I had a lot of problems. I had difficulty getting any help from the company, even after contacting two different attorneys without any results of any kind. I was in so much pain with the risk of losing my job. I thought it was over. I did not know what else to do. But thanks to God after talking to a friend, he referred me to Jim Long, at the offices of Long & Holder. I went to see Jim Long and the very same day he started to work on my case. I finally got medical attention, a weekly check and on top of that I had piece of mind knowing that there was finally somebody on my side to help me. Frankly, I can't thank Jim enough for all the hard work. My case is settled and my medical bills are paid off and as my friend did it one day. I'll widely recommend Jim to my friends if they need it. What I have left to say is, thanks a lot Jim, and God bless you.

— Victor R.

I hired Tom Holder on my very complex Workers Comp case and he knew exactly which direction to guide me and he was very patient throughout the entire process. I would recommend Tom and his staff to anyone with a very severe work related injury. Thx Tom for making my life a lot easier with the lifetime medical treatment.

— Henry D.

I am a satisfied client of Jim Long. He has exceeded all of my expectations where my case was involved. I would not hesitate to use him in the future or to recommend him to anybody. If you do decide to use Long & Holder, you will not be disappointed.

— Thomas A.

In an instant, my life was changed due to an on the job injury. Trying to adjust to a different (disabled) lifestyle, I was confused, overwhelmed, and in need of an attorney that would make sure I was taken care of. Due to his (Holders) sincere concern and professionalism, my medicines and medical expenses were all taken care of and every week for four years I received my living expense checks without confusion. Whenever a problem arose, he always responded quickly via phone and/or internet and handled it without delay. Due to my intolerance of travel since my injury, Holder went beyond the expected and set up each meeting to my convenience. Now that my case has been settled, and the outcome definitely went as well as possible, If needed, I would honestly recommend Holder to my brother, my friend, or anyone who has been injured on their job while trying to make an honest living. It is my belief that Holder is an honest, hardworking, and professional attorney that always has his client's best interest at heart!

— Grady

I appreciate the fact that Mr. Holder took my case on because, this was not a case that was going to make any one rich, it was simply going to have justice served to an individual that was lacking in moral character. This man that I worked for denied me information on workers compensation after I was injured on the job. I was in shock and I worked the whole day after the accident.By the end of that day, pain began to set in, and I asked the Dr. about his workers comp. information, and he began to blamed me for helping my co-worker out and getting injured in the process and refused to give me any information, which by law should have been posted for all staff to see. My injuries were not extensive but the hospital bills would have buried me under a debt that I would not have been able to pay. Mr. Holder took my case simply because he saw the evil that was being perpetrated against me. We won the case, my bills were paid, and for Mr. Holder justice was served against an evil that he could not stand. Thank you Mr. Holder for caring. I will forever remember you in my prayers. You were my special blessing from God.

— Gail

Tom Holder represented me in my case and I was very pleased with the outcome of my case, him and his staff were very easy to talk to and did an excellent job of keeping me aware of what was going on throughout the entire case, I am a very satisfied individual in the outcome of my case, I was very blessed to have a lawyer that was there for me if I had any questions, if I ever was to need a lawyer, I would consult him first.

— DeWayne

We started working with Tom in 2005. The injuries I received on my job left me in need of someone with the know how to handle the insurance company to our benefit. Tom took care of that. He was there when we needed him and stuck with us till we finally reached a settlement and closed this case in spring of 2011. It's been a long road, but working with Tom has made the road a lot less bumpy. Thanks Tom.

— Kevin

Tom took over a difficult situation and made a very positive outcome. A back injury that the insurance company denied and fought from the beginning for a period of 8 years was won along with catastrophic designation. He stood his ground and was totally professional. He keeps you informed and his staff is very willing to listen and give your case the attention you deserve. He is a great attorney. Tom restored quality of life for me. Thanks Tom.

— Teresa H.

Being Tom's client for 8 years has been an overall excellent experience. The outcome of our case was very positive. His legal ethics' are very good, coupled with knowledgeable, detailed and professional. Tom has shown concern for my injury, as well as for the strain it has placed on my family. My recommendation for him is a very strong one.

Tom Holder represented me in my workman's compensation case in Atlanta Georgia. There is one thing I can say about workman's comp in the state of Georgia, DO NOT TRY TO WORK THE CASE WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!! Call Mr. Holder!! After Mr. Holder reviewed and accepted my case I felt like all the pressure was off of me and Tom assured me that the case would be dealt with. Mr. Holder insisted that I relax and recover from the accident. Within 10 days of Mr. Holder writing the insurance company I started receiving benefits such as weekly payments, all doctor appointments were set as well as follow up appt and rehab appointments. Tom has a legal assistant "Ann" who called us and kept us updated on the case. She would call me the day before my Dr appointments as a reminder and called us just to inform us of the case process. Mr. Holder honestly seemed to be very interested in my well being including my wife and 4 kids. …. He has the best intensions in getting you the compensation you deserve. Mr. Holder has now settled my workman's comp case and I have moved on with my life. Call Mr. Holder or go to his website and let him review your case before you go to anyone else… Do not just go to any attorney! Review who you are hiring and know what they are about and who they represent. Mr. Holder will do the job and will do it right!!!

— Casey S.

Mr. Holder represented me (the widow) and two other parents in a workman's compensation case. Unfortunately, my husband (34yro) was electrocuted and killed on the job last year. All of his survivors, myself and five children, was graciously represented by Mr. Holder. I have found Mr. Holder to be a man of his word, trustworthy, dedicated, dependable and realistic. I have found this attorney to be very knowledgeable of his work and diligently seeks for your best interest. Honestly, I can say that with Mr. Holder on your side, the impossible can be made possible! After dealing with the staff at Long & Holder, there is no doubt that our needs were met, in a very professional manner. We, as a family working together, can say that Mr. Holder is the key to success! He never failed to compliment us on how well we worked together, to assure that his job was less complicated. My advice to anyone with a workman's compensation case is "DO NOT WORK OUT A CASE WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY!" Please call Long&Holder and allow the attorney to work the magic so you can receive what's rightfully yours! Be blessed & encouraged!

— Marian

I was working at a pretty known reputable company in their shipping department. While packing a box one day, I hurt my shoulder. I followed all the guidelines that was expected of me, but my workers comp. insurance at my work refused to accept the claim. That's when I called Tom Holder. Tom immediately got on the case and got to work. Though my employer dug their feet in, Tom wore them down and got my employer to agree to a settlement. It was pleasantly more than expected. Tom was always professional, kind, courteous, and worked very hard on my case. I would highly recommend Tom as a lawyer for any legal situation.

-  Beth O.