Workers' Compensation Is For Georgia Workers Injured On The Job

In nearly all cases, an employee injured on the job in Georgia, or one who suffered a disability or disease related to working for an employer, will be eligible to receive some level of benefits through the Georgia Workers' Compensation system.

What should I do if I am injured on the job?

Take these two simple steps to protect your case if you were injured on the job. If you believe you are entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits, contact the Atlanta, Georgia, law firm of Long & Holder today for your free consultation.

  • Report the accident to a supervisor as soon as possible. (Telling a co-worker who is not a supervisor is not sufficient.)
  • Get a copy of the report and/or notes of the accident. (If your supervisor will not make a written report, you should make a report for your files.)

Find out about the six company doctors

Your employer should have posted on the wall a list of doctors (known as the "panel of physicians") that you are allowed to see. If you do not see the list, ask your supervisor or the personnel department about the authorized doctors. If a list is not posted on the wall, you can go to the doctor of your choice. If there is a posted list and you do not go to a doctor on that list, your employer and its insurance company will not have to pay for your treatment.

Make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible following an injury

If you must go to the doctor in the evening or on the weekend, go to your nearest hospital or to your family doctor. Your employer and its insurer must pay for emergency treatment regardless of whether or not there is a list of doctors posted.

Follow the instructions of the medical personnel. It is very important that you attend all appointments and follow the work restrictions that you are given.

Keep your employer informed

If your doctor excuses you from work or gives you work restrictions, get this in writing and give it to your employer. Keep a copy for yourself. If the doctor excuses you from work indefinitely, find out from your employer how frequently your employer wants you to call in. Comply with those requirements.

Make sure the insurer is aware of your injury

Most employers have Workers' Compensation insurance with another company that will handle the claim. The insurer cannot help you unless it knows about your injury. Make sure that your personnel department has sent the first report of injury to the insurer. If you are unable to work, make sure the insurer knows that. You can verify this with the insurer. Ask your employer for the name and telephone number of the insurer and the name of the person who is handling your claim (the "adjuster"). You can speak directly with the adjuster.

If you cannot get this information from your company, call the Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation Coverage Department at 404-656-3692 for the name of your company's insurer, then notify the insurance company yourself.

File a claim with the Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation . To protect your rights, you must file a claim with the Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation within one year from the date of your accident. There are some exceptions to this, rule which we can discuss with you.

If you believe you should file a Workers' Compensation claim, contact a lawyer at the Georgia law office of Long & Holder. We charge no attorneys' fees if we cannot help you receive the Workers' Compensation benefits you are entitled to for your injuries.