Georgia Workers' Compensation Workplace Death Claims

The death of a loved one in a workplace accident is devastating to a family. The Atlanta, Georgia, Workers' Compensation attorneys at Long & Holder have the experience and compassion necessary to handle these serious cases. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Should your working loved one succumb to an occupational fatality in a construction accident, industrial mishap, or a car crash, our experienced Workers' Compensation attorneys will work hard to obtain Workers' Compensation benefits for the surviving spouse and children.

With our experience, we are also skilled at the most difficult occupational fatality and workplace wrongful death claims, such as work heart attacks. While heart attacks at work are common, proving that the work actually caused the problem can be difficult.

Tom Holder is recognized as an expert in the area of death cases. We can help you during the difficult times that follow after the death of a family member. A copy of Tom's paper regarding death benefits is here.

Our record for Workers' Compensation death claims includes significant financial recover for cases related to:

  • Work-induced heart attack
  • Electrical accidents
  • Industrial accidents
  • Delivery truck, van and car accidents
  • Work-related medical conditions

For specific financial recovery for a partial list of our death cases, please visit our Case Results page.

Don't wait to contact an attorney. Our Atlanta, Georgia, Workers' Compensation lawyers will begin working right away on your claim to make sure you and your children aren't left alone and broke. Contact the Georgia law firm of Long & Holder today for your free consultation.