Georgia Workers' Compensation Denied Benefits Lawyers

Were you denied Workers' Compensation benefits? Are you worried about how you will pay for all your medical bills and make up for lost wages from work? At the Atlanta, Georgia, law firm of Long & Holder, we can help you with your Workers' Compensation claim to get you the benefits you need.

Our experienced Workers' Compensation attorneys have been handling denied-benefit claims and fighting for the rights of injured workers for more than 24 years. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

You may receive a Workers' Compensation insurance claim denial because, among other things:

  • Insurance company doesn't believe your injuries are catastrophic.
  • Insurance company doesn't believe your injuries are related to the work accident.
  • Insurance company doesn't believe you were involved in a workplace accident.
  • Insurance company believes you were hurt, but that you can work.
  • You were engaged in willful misconduct — drinking and driving, using drugs or other illegal substances.
  • You were injured while leaving work, but not on the employer's premises.

Whatever reason the insurance company gave you, there is one common truth behind denied workers' comp claims — a failure to effectively present the facts. As an experienced Workers' Compensation law firm, we know how to put together a strong case on your behalf. Our attorneys thoroughly investigate the accident, interview witnesses and review medical reports and history to gain a clear picture of the accident and the resulting injuries.

We will fight to make sure you qualify for benefits because of your job injury. We will work hard on your Workers' Compensation claim to make sure your benefits are started.

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