Psychological Injuries For Georgia Workers' Compensation

Most on the job injuries are physical, that is, to the back, the arm, etc. Sometimes, however, an injury can just affect the injured worker mentally or psychologically. While these injuries cannot be seen, they are every bit as real and can be every bit as disabling.

Not all psychological injuries are covered under Workers' Compensation . The so-called "mental" cases are not covered. These are cases in which the worker develops mental or psychological difficulties without having an actual physical injury. Examples of these types of cases are stress claims and sexual harassment claims.

If there has been any physical injury at all, however, no matter how small, you may be able to make it a Georgia Workers' Compensation claim for a mental or psychological injury. This issue frequently comes up with victims of robberies who can have very real psychological problems as a result of this experience. Even a bruise will be enough to make this a Workers' Compensation claim. Contact the Workers' Compensation lawyers at Long & Holder at 404-523-6100 to ask them about this.

Mental And Psychological Injuries Are Common And They Are Real

More common is the mental or psychological injury that develops following a physical injury. An extended period of disability or pain can cause an injured worker to develop a mental or psychological injury that requires treatment by a mental health professional. The Workers' Compensation insurer is responsible for this treatment. It is possible that the physical injury has healed but that the mental difficulties still remain.

The mental or psychological injury lawyers at our law firm have many years of experience in helping injured workers in getting the treatment that they need, which can help to restore their peace of mind and get them back to work. Our attorneys will show to the judge and/or the insurance adjuster that your on-the-job injury caused your need for mental or psychological treatment. Contact our law firm today for your free consultation.

Our record for Workers' Compensation psychological injury claims includes significant financial recovery for cases related to:

  • Sexual assault
  • Work-related stress and medical conditions

For specific financial recovery for a partial list of our psychological injury claims, please visit our Case Results page.