Georgia Injured Truck Driver Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Trucking accidents result in some of the most devastating injuries, including head trauma and spinal cord damage. Many of these are catastrophic injuries. If the accident happened while working, you are entitled to receive Workers' Compensation benefits from your employer. The benefits you receive can alleviate some of your financial burden from medical bills, travel expenses to and from doctor appointments, and lost wages from work.

The Workers' Compensation lawyers at the Atlanta, Georgia, law firm of Long & Holder have several years of experience representing workers injured in commercial truck accidents. We have the knowledge and skills to prove injuries are directly related to the accident and recover full workman's comp benefits for our clients.

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Injured Across State Lines

Commercial truck accidents are unique because the worker may be from one state, but injured in another. Clients commonly wonder where they should file their claim. While each case is different, there are significant benefits to filing a Workers' Compensation claim in Georgia:

  • Georgia offers lifetime medical treatment at no cost.
  • Georgia is not a maximum medical improvement state (MMI). Benefits cannot be limited just because the doctor says you are not going to get any better.
  • Injured workers receive benefits based on the amount of time out of work, which typically means they receive benefits for a longer period of time, which could be lifetime for a catastrophic injury.

As experienced workplace injury lawyers, we know how to maximize the benefits you receive. We will carefully evaluate your situation and advise on the best option for your situation. We then fight hard to ensure our clients receive the benefits they are entitled to by law.

See our record for various truck driver injuries suffered in truck accidents on our Case Results page .

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