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Have you been injured at work? Were you told by a doctor that you cannot return to work, or that you can only work limited hours? You may qualify for Workers' Compensation benefits.

Experienced workers comp lawyers Jim Long and Tom Holder have been helping injured workers recover benefits for over 50 combined years. Whether you were injured in a fall from a height at a construction site, hurt in a commercial trucking accident or suffered injuries in another type of workplace accident, they understand how to get the full medical and financial benefits you need.

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What Is Workers' Compensation ?

Workers' Compensation is the common term for insurance that provides benefits to people injured on the job. The injuries can range from less serious repetitive use injuries — such as carpal tunnel syndrome — to very serious injuries like brain injury or spinal cord damage. Families may also seek Workers' Compensation benefits for the death of a loved one.

What Type Of Benefits Are Available?

Determination of which benefits are available in a specific circumstance is difficult and complex and dependent on the particular facts of your situation. See our Workers' Compensation benefits guide for more information, or contact us to discuss the facts of your claim with our attorneys.

Do You Qualify For Benefits?

Essentially, any worker who was injured on the job may qualify for Workers' Compensation benefits. The Atlanta, Georgia, workers' comp attorneys at Long & Holder have the experience to fight for your rights to get these benefits.

If it looks like you will qualify, our attorneys will put together a claim that demonstrates the extent of your catastrophic injury and clearly outlines why you should have such a claim. If a benefits claim was denied, they can also help you challenge that decision and recover the compensation you are entitled to.

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